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Breast Augmentation and Breast Enhancement

The art and science of Breast Augmentation and enhancement has improved considerably over the past several years. The Natrelle® Collection is the result of 25 years of experience with the science and aesthetics of Breast Augmentation and enhancement and represents today's most current Breast Augmentation and enhancement technology.

Choosing the right implant is a key to successful Breast Augmentation or breast enhancement surgery. Because body type and breast goals are personal from woman to woman, it is important you choose implants under the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon. With the Natrelle® Collection, it is now possible for each woman to choose a breast implant with her plastic surgeon that is right for her augmentation or enhancement.

Each woman is unique in her form, and the Natrelle® Collection has a broad range of implants with a design for your body type and Breast Augmentation or enlargement goals. In addition to silicone gel and saline choices, a woman’s implant is based upon breast width, projection, and volume. With over 140 different implant styles and shapes, the Natrelle® Collection truly provides personalized Breast Augmentation or enhancement.

As more and more women decide upon Breast Augmentation, breast enhancement surgery, or plastic surgery, it is reassuring to know that implants in the Natrelle® Collection are safe. Every option is FDA-approved, and women can be confident that their implants have been rigorously tested for safety.

Breast Reconstruction Summary

Approaching the treatment of breast cancer should include a thorough look at the option of Breast Reconstruction. Knowing the options for Breast Reconstruction when your treatment plan for breast cancer is established allows you to actively participate in the goals for your recovery. With a good background of your options and a discussion with your breast or general surgeon and a board certified plastic surgeon you can be assured you have the right plan for your treatment and recovery.

Breast Reconstruction in a treatment plan for breast cancer is growing in acceptance and popularity. Advances in well-established methods along with new techniques have improved aesthetic outcomes dramatically and established a high level of satisfaction among women opting for Breast Reconstruction. Women with Breast Reconstruction have reported an increase in self-confidence and emotional well-being, renewed body image and an increased sense of femininity and sexuality.

The two most common choices for Breast Reconstruction are the use of breast implants in a Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction, and Flap surgery, which can be a TRAM, DIEP or Latiss Flap – with or without breast implants. The information on this site presents an overview of these procedures as the right background for a knowledgeable conversation with your breast surgeon and a plastic surgeon about your choices.

Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction with implants is the most common form of Breast Reconstruction. The Natrelle® Collection offers a broad range of implant options to help meet your individual shape, size, and goals for Breast Reconstruction. Use of breast implants for Breast Reconstruction and the choice of silicone gel breast implants is covered in detail in the Breast Reconstruction chapter on Natrelle.com.

An empowering part of planning for your recovery will be a discussion with both a plastic surgeon and your general surgeon about your Breast Reconstruction options. Knowing your options before you begin your treatment provides a sense of control over the choices you will make and the satisfaction with your results. Natrelle.com provides a directory of board certified plastic surgeons that specialize in Breast Reconstruction to help you select the plastic surgeon that is right for you.

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